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New reloader with a few questions.

I haven't reloaded for 30 years, just hunted. My college son is eating up my wallet for ammo and we want better accuracy, so I have started reloading. I have spent a 6 weeks re-educating myself. My, has reloading changed. It was alot quicker to reload back then as we didn't know about or have all the ways to manipulate a cartridge as we have today. This forum is absolutely great. I have learned so much by reading the postings. I have a few questions to help me get going.

The 2 rifles I am currently reloading are a bushmaster A3 carbine 5.56 and a Savage FL12 .223 (cheap little gun is grouping at 5/16th inch).

In terms of accuracy, where does lake city 5.56 brass stand when compared to Lapua, nosler, winchester, hornady, and federal? Would it just be better to use 223 brass in the 5.56?

Should new brass be annealed or wait for the first 5 firings? How often does one anneal?

I had great results when using nosler custom match ammo. Is it possible to find out what powder they are using?

I got the hornady OAL guages to measure chamber length. Now that I have the data, I don't what to do with it to improve accuracy. I know that hornady makes competition shell holders, but will they improve accuracy?

Thanx again for the wonderful forum and I look forward to your answers.
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