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Lapua brass is the best on the market hands down. Most people are getting double digit hand loads out of the brass so you get your monies worth. I don't shoot a 338 Lapua because I didn't want a custom action at the time because Savage didn't have their rifle released yet and the Rem was too hard to find. I built a 338edge or a 338-300RUM can go a magnum action magazine fed and I don't give up but maybe 100 fps to a lapua. The 338 bullet class really doesn't shine to the 1300 yard mark on out so if you are not looking to shoot that far you can cheat down to a big 7 or a heavy 30 cal and be just as effective as but that is my shooting steel at that range opinion. Things I learned along the way big bullets and big cases mean big cost and you cant hit what you cant see so optics should/will double rifle cost most likely if you havent found all of that out on your own. Good luck
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