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Accurate Powder data

Accurate Powder's Manual #2 has 2 sets of listings for the 10 mm MAGNUM cartridge. One is for unspecified guns and the other is "for IAI Guns Only." The IAI loads are heavier, with the pressures shown ranging up to 39,000 CUP for the unspecified guns and over 43,000 CUP for the IAI guns. What I show below is 3 loads for each bullet weight, where the first is the "start" load for unspecified guns, the second is max for those guns, and the third is the max for IAI guns, the second and third charges each followed by the pressure. The OALs are the same for the two guns (with one noted exception), and are given last. Cases were Starline.

NOS 137 JHP:  No.7  15.0,   16.7/37,200,   ND/ND,       1.550"
                    No.9   17.8,  19.8/36,800,  22.5/42,100  1.550" 
NOS 150 JHP:  No.7  14.2,   15.8/37,300,   ND/ND,       1.550"
                    No.9   16.7,  18.6/36,300,  21.0/42,600  1.550"

HDY 155 JHP:  No.7   14.0,  15.5/36,000,   ND/ND,       1.555"
                    No.9   16.2,  18.0/36,700,  20.2/40,000  1.555"

NOS 170 JHP:  No.7  13.1,   14.5/36.100,   ND/ND,       1.555"
                    No.9  15.3,   17.0/35,800,  19.2/43,200  1.555" 

SPR 180 JHP:  No.7   13.2,   14.7/37,600,   ND/ND,       1.550"
                    No.9   14.9,  16.6/38,500,  17.5/42,000  1.550" (except 1.555" for IAI)

SRA 190 FPJ:   No.7  12.8,   14.2/39,000,   ND/ND,       1.550"
                    No.9   14.7,  16.3/36,100,  17.5/40,500  1.550"

SPR 200 TMJ:  No.7  12.4,   13.8/37,600,   ND/ND,       1.550"
                    No.9   14.1,  15.7/35,200,  17.0/41,500  1.550"
You will have to decide what pressure to use in a TC. If it is a G2 frame, you are probably OK with the IAI loads. But, if it is the original frame, then you may want to ask TC what pressure they consider OK in CUP. There are some notes in the Accurate manual about TC telling Accurate not to exceed 42,000 psi in Contenders with cartridges that have a head size of the .30-30 Winchester, which is about the same as the various 10mm pistol cartridges. But, I talked to TC about that in the past, and they have no record of telling Accurate that. I also note that TC chambers some cartridges (e.g., the .375 Winchester) that were rated at 52,000 CUP for a case with the same head size. On the other hand, Mike Bellm once had a web "article" about stretching the original Contender frame, and recommended staying under 45,000 psi for a case with the head size of the .444 Marlin and under 47,000 psi for a case with the head size of the .30-30 Winchester. (I don't know what the CUP value is for 45,000 psi. I do know that the .30-30 was rated at 38,000 CUP and 42,000 psi, so MAYBE those values are equivalent.) You can look at the Bellm site here , but the article I read has been taken down. However, there is another article here that is pertinent .

Have fun and be safe.


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