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My 250 Grain Cast LRNFP bullets from Missouri Bullet Co. arrived the other day. Nice looking bullets and fast service too.

Today I went out to the range with some "test" loads.

I used W-231 and Blue Dot powder.

These were shot from a benchrest at 25 yards. The target on the upper left was shot using a 250 gr XTP and Universal powder. I did that because I put a new Skinner sight on the rifle and I wanted to use ammo that I knew shot well to dial in the sight before trying my work-up loads.

Looks like 7.1 gr of 231 is the winner. I don't have a chronograph (yet) but my data suggest that load should be about 900 fps.

12.0 gr of Blue Dot shot OK, but I found a lot of unburnt Blue Dot in the gun when I cleaned it. The spent cases from the BD shells were very sooty too. I may up that charge to 12.2 or 12.3 and try it again.

I would add that the new Skinner sight is great, a huge improvement over the factory sights on the Marlin 1894.

Thanks again everyone for the help and advice.

P.S. Didn't see any evidence of leading in the gun with these loads.

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