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Snap caps and dry fire, dry fire, dry fire.

Then go to the range and shoot slowfire at 50 yards till you start seeing some good groups mostly in the black. Only then do you want to start your time and rapid fire sequences at 25 yards and closer. First you learn to shoot then you practice your SD skills.

Besides snap caps and good dry fire practice your best friend is a 22LR. I don't care if it's a pistol or revolver, a target model or back country pack gun. Buy by the case and shoot up by the box. bullseye, reactive targets like balloons, cookies, tin cans chunks of 2X4 pieces cut to 2" lengths, pill bottles filled with water. Different ranges and different angles from your shooting point if you can do so safely. Plink slow and deliberate fire, it's fun, it's cheap and it will help you to judge range.

When you get back to centerfire at 7 yard targets you will impress everybody including yourself.
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