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Hmmm, apparently Dennis Burke, the supervisor of Cunningham, Morrisey, and Hurley and the only person in the whole scandal to actually go off the government payroll as a result of this, was also a driving force in drafting the legislation for the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. Source:

Hmmm, what do you think the odds of that coincidence are?

And by the way, NPR has a link to the emails:

In it Monty Wilkinson states he is briefing the AG and tells Dennis Burke "Please provide any additional details as they become available to you." Burke received an email later that afternoon informing him that two of the guns recovered at the murder scene were related to Fast and Furious. So we know Burke knows about Fast and Furious, we know Wilkinson told him to provide any additional information, and we know Wilkinson is briefing the AG.

Sounds like AG Holder is really going to enjoy his next round of testimony in front of Congress.
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