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point to my post..??

I just got to speak to Rugers repair center,(jan 30th @ 1:10 pm) they were great! First I gave them my load data and they say that is fine to use in this gun! They also said they are seeing this from other people as well. (I did not ask how many)
I guess you now know what the purpose of my post is...It can and has happened to other people who shared.

Thanx for commenting on my truthfulness.

My spelling sux. sory. I am in texting lingo mode.

Search the forums if you want and you will find the other posts in these forums that made me join the site a few days ago. I was skeptical too until I read forums and talked to the factory.
Ruger customer service said that they are very sure that this repair is safe for me to do and there will be no other issues.

It's just easier to provide the link so I can post it quickly on multiple places on the net and it brings you to a place where I have other videos as well.

The load was correctly loaded and I thought I caused this because the load was at higher pressure than most of the loads on the Hogdgon recommended load Chart, but below the never exceed load.

load info. is 125grn fmj .355 Hodgdon universal powder 4.3grns oal 1.090

Hope I answered you all. If not ask again. It's nice to know I was in the right after it all.
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