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This is one of those 'What do I do if the sky falls' questions. I didn't read most of the responses as (no offense meant) they come from people whose knowledge in this area comes from watching TV. Some I did read were wayyyy off the mark.

However, your post-shooting response needs to be divided into two parts: pre-police arrival and post-police arrival.

Pre-Police Arrival
1. Give the Dispatcher enough information to have adequate resources respond (multiple patrolmen, supervisor, and ambulance) and can readily find your house and hopefully ID the BG's car and grab any accomplices. The situation inside the house also needs to be explained so responders know what to expect as the scene might not be secure (BGs still kicking, some on the loose, house occupants panicking, etc) .

2. Continue to protect yourself as the BG might get up or there may well be a second one who comes looking for his partner.

3. As soon as the police arrive but before they come in, put your weapon aside and ID yourself as being the homeowner. I'd raise my hands in the air to show I was unarmed so I was treated like the homeowner instead of a BG. I like to hear, "I'm the homeowner and I put down the gun. The robber is lying on the floor over here". That answers all the immediate safety questions and establishes GG from BG. My first responses would be: Is anyone hurt and is the robber alone?

Post-Police Arrival
There are only 3-people who can give you a knowledgeable answer to this question:

1. Defense attorney
2. Prosecutor who has jurisdiction in this matter
3. Detective or senior patrol person (sgt or above) in the PD who has >15-years on-the-job and who services your area

Their answers will be different, but their responses will be based on the political climate in your area.
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