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Dan, you broke your press? Heated the die with a torch? You coated the die with CRP?

I clean my dies with a towel on a dowel, I am not a fan of abusing a press, as to ‘pulling the lips off’, I do not know what press you are using, all of my presses allow me to rotate the shell holder when the case is stuck, by rotating the shell holder I can remove the shell holder from the ram and case at the same time, the reason? After removing the die with the stuck case I can screw the die in from the bottom (upside down), then use the press as a vise to hold the die with the stuck case. Stuck case remover, drill, bit, tap, bolt to match the threads of the tap, washers for spacers and a nut that matches the puller (bolt).

Some insist on 1/4 inch, expect for small diameter cases, I insist on 3/8” pullers.

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