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Glock 17/34 or 21
M&P9 Pro
Springfield Loaded or Milspec (depending on price, I've seen Loaded models for $699 in the past year...)
Ruger SR1911
RIA 1911
SIG 220 or 226
Walther PPQ

Any of the above will do the job you're asking your gun to do. All but the 1911s will be extremely reliable out of the box (entry level 1911s sometimes take a little tuning/love to run properly, some run fine out of the box though...), very accurate, and easy to maintain. If you're looking to use a light for HD, that will exclude the Ruger (unless you want to use the trigger guard mount...).

As always, try them out and see what you like if you can. If you can't shoot them, at least hold them to see if the ergos appeal to you and they point naturally.
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