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I have several Lee die sets, and for the most part they've been great. My only two gripes are the rubber ring on the bottom of the lock ring. I have no idea how far I'm s'posed to squoosh that thing down. For that, I always end up buying a set of RCBS or Hornady lockrings so they'll bottom out metal to metal. I'm probably the only guy in the world who worries over such an issue.

The other problem is the Lee .223 dies set I started out with leaves my shoulder set too long. Since it's the set I started out with- I thought the fault was mine and I just sucked at reloading. So I suffered with quite difficult to chamber (close bolt) rounds for several years. On a whim and rich feeling day, I ordered a set of RCBS's and lo and behold my length woes were cured. Bear in mind- Lee makes some great dies and I honestly think the chance of you getting a bum set like mine are very very remote.
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