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Sorry to be presumptuous

I found your post unreadable. So, I went through it and put in some paragraphing and organized it.

(Paraphrased for clarity)
I have loaded the following:

O.A.L on all rounds is 1.265" (the longest that fit my magazines)
Bullets, Hornady 200 gr XTP HP
CCI LP Primers and
Remington (new) brass.

These fed through my magazine and action (not firing) just fine.

Loads were

3.4 gr of Bullseye
5.5 gr Bullseye
5.5 gr Accurate #2

at each level, 5 crimped rounds and 5 not crimped.

The reason for this experiment because I read in the One caliber book that you shouldn't crimp the bullets.

Are my loads Safe?

Will my 3.5 gr loads even fire out of my gun?

Will the 6.0gr blow up in my hand?

What data should I follow?

What should I do if there is no data with my specific consumables?

Can I vary with brands? For Example, if a recipe calls for Hornady Brass can I use Winchester or Remington brass?
Did I get it right?

I did not see in your post that you actually loaded rounds with 6 grains of any powder.

While you correct my interpretation of your post, I will try to give answers.

Lost Sheep

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