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Bad Experience with RP's Firearms Repair, Lavon, TX

I recently completed a Gunbroker deal with RP's Firearms Repair (Robert Pereira) in Lavon, TX. He advertised a Mauser 98 as "Have here a Mauser 98 by Steyer in good condition". I won the auction and the gun was delivered. It turned out to be the worst POS I've ever had the misfortune of being involved with -- missing parts, mechanically unsafe, abused in every way.

I contacted Mr. Pereira and he replied "my client won't refund the
money to me and I don't need the rifle, all I did was list, box, and ship the rifle. He sent me the discription and pics. I sorry if it's not what was discribed,I didn't inspect it prior to shipping,he brought it over and I wrapped it and shipped it. Fivehead"

He refused to return my money. Just want to warn others in the fraternity about this place.
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