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practice drills

I often do the same thing as C0unt Zer0 : If I'm going to the range for practice, I usually take a major caliber handgun and also one of my .22s. I shoot the .22 to warm up. Sometimes if my concentration is a little off, I can shoot through it, and I use the .22 to accomplish that at low cost. If I'm just not there that day (which doesn't happen often) I only shoot the .22 that particular practice session.

I have a Beretta 92FS and I also have a .22 conversion unit for it, made by Beretta. They called it a "Practice kit". I'm not sure they make them anymore. If they ever go back into production, or if you can find one at a reasonable cost, buy one. Mine is quite reliable and not ammo sensitive, and the decocker/safety works the same as on the M9.

If I'm at the police range on an open day, I'm not paying for the range time and sometimes I go out there for a couple hours, with handgun & rifle, and shoot a LOT.

But usually my practice is at a commercial range at $15 an hour. My normal practice routine burns up 150-200 rounds and takes 60 to 90 minutes. (Usually 150 rounds and an hour) I find that's often enough shooting for one day.

I usually shoot once a week. Often times with one of the .22 conversion units, because it's cheaper.

This is one of my "routine" practice courses. If I'm shooting it with the Beretta 9mm it's on an IPSC or IDPA silhouette target at 50 feet, and if I'm shooting with the .22 conversion unit it's at 50 feet on an NRA B-24RC target.

All rounds fired from the holster, beginning with round chambered, hammer down, safety off:

Stage One -- two hands
Draw and fire 2 rounds. Repeated 6X for a total of 12 rounds

Stage Two -- strong hand only
Draw and fire 2 rounds strong hand only. Repeated 3X for a total of 6 rounds.

Stage Three -- weak hand only
Draw with the strong hand, transfer the gun to the weak hand, fire 2 rounds. Repeated 3X for a total of 6 rounds.

Stage Four -- kneeling
Draw, drop to high kneeling, and fire 6 rounds

total of 30 rounds fired
150 points possible
Targets scored 5-4-2
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