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Been watching COPS for many years and have seen a few such cases over time. I've seen cops actually prompt the home owner to say he was "in fear" and then heartily agree.

None of the others I've seen resulted in the arrest of the home owner when it was a stranger that entered the home unlawfully.

In my community, Northern Nev., one isn't likely to be arrested, especially if it's established that the home invader is a stranger with a criminal record.

Now, that isn't to say that when the cops arrive they won't be putting handcuffs on people until they get things sorted out. Not to say they will, either.

When we're being ordered to do something by the police, that IS NOT the time to be explaining the situation while refusing to comply. That's the time to be fully complying. Once things are under control, the officers will be in a much better listening mood.
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