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Thanks for the welcome. I have been on the Centaure site and they have a lot of good info over there regarding their pistols. I've had mine out to the range once and put about 18 balls through it using 30 grains of Pyrodex P. The gun functioned without any hick ups but seemed to shoot a little high at about 20 yards. No biggee to me. I am however wondering about the tolerances on this gun compared to the Uberti and Pietta which I must say have very tight specs in the barrel to frame fit and cylinder to forcing cone fit. Considering that the Centaure is supposed to be a higher quality piece built on the original Colts specs, it is much looser in the cylinder to forcing cone area and there is a slight gap between the barrel and frame (are the original Colts 1860 this way?). I've got the wedge bottomed out all the way onto the wedge spring screw just to maintain the tolerances I have right now and I have also done the check for frame to barrel fit by removing the cylinder, inserting the barrel onto the arbor at a 90 degree angle and rotating the barrel to see where the two mating surfaces meet up. Doing this shows that the barrel bottoms out perfectly onto the frame or maybe just a paper thicknesses width past the frame (right now I don't have any feeler gauges or any other way to make precise measurments of these tolerences). I've included some photos of the areas I am concerned about and would like to know from the experts on here what say you about these clearances. Also, if they are excessive, what can I do (if anything) to tighten things up a bit. I have ordered a new wedge assembly from Dixie Gun Works to see if this will make any differences, but again I am very new to C&B revolvers, so I'm not completely sure if this is where I should start.

Right side frame to barrel fit

Bottom side frame to barrrel fit

Left side frame to barrel fit

Forcing cone to cylinder fit at half cock

Forcing cone to barrel fit at full cock

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