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I finally got them all timed and somewhat polished inside. Most slots ended up at .148-.151, so I made all the bolts .146 wide and that seems to be a great standard. (Most bolts were .158 wide from factory) As for the bolt legs and the timing, it is completely random. Some worked as they were when new, and some had to have the cam leg shortened by as much as .080, and that was a little scary to take that much off. But now the bolt on each one is released between .145 and .155 before the slot (the width of the bolt head) and just rides the little ramp down into it and clicks into place with very little movement allowed. (Oh, and I got a 6-pack of new springs coming from Wolff to ease up on the power of the bolt when it engages)

Thanks to all who offered their expertise and experience.
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