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Calls are recorded. Your voice. Your words. Choose carefully. You do not want to say "I just shot a burglar!" or "Some guy tried to knife me in an alley and I shot him!" These are admissions of responsibility ("I shot him!") and point directly at you as the perpetrator.

Unfortunately, 911 operators are trained to obtain as much information ("intel") as possible for responding officers. When you ask for an ambulance because "A man trying to rob someone got shot", they will ask you who shot the man or if the shooter is still there. They may be more direct - "Sir, did you shoot the man?" And it's hard to go against a lifetime of believing that being cooperative and honest is the best policy. But if there is even the slightest question of justification and the DA has your "confession" on tape, it could be game over.
"A man trying to rob someone got shot" presents you as an uninvolved third party witness. That's a slippery slope. There's plenty of physical evidence and they'll piece the puzzle together eventually. If you're trying to avoid accepting responsibility you might as well ditch the gun and run home before the police show up. Or don't make the call at all.

Dancing around the basics of the scenario will only lead to more questions and more suspicion. Like I mentioned in my first post: know the law, act within it, and stick to the facts.
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