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...would allow the case to be pushed up farther into the die yes? and would that not allow the case to be sized a bit farther down?
Yes, but you're going to use either the rifle's chamber or a gauge to set up the resizing die (right?), so just don't adjust it that far...

If you want to read more about this, here's one

If you do create "induced excess headspace" by over-resizing, you can quickly get into case head separations.

One of the worst instructions I've ever read for setting up a resizing die go essentially like this -

"Adjust die until it touches the shell holder, then lower the ram and turn CW another 1/4 turn. Lock the die."

That 1/4 turn is around 0.018", and the difference between GO and NOGO headspace is usually around 0.006".

Those who believe they can set up a resizing die without using something as a gauge are being extremely optimistic.
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