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Pistol practice isn't to see how many rounds that you put down range: It's the quality of the shots. A good way to develope quality practice is to dry fire. When I was shooting for several Marine Corps pistol teams I dry fired to develope my grip, my trigger finger placement, my sight alignment and my trigger control. I did this by snapping in against a blank white wall with no target. Against a white wall any sight disturbance from a poor trigger release will be apparent.

Your eyes can't focus on more than one thing at a time so the perfect sight picture is a myth. Focus your eyes on the front sight and let your eyes follow the sight alignment to the target. The target will blurr like it should. If you maintain proper shight alignment the pistol can wobble the size of the ten ring if you release the trigger properly and you will get a ten ring hit.

One more point, no one can hold a pistol perfectly still; however, with practice the wobble ares shrinks.

I just noticed that you poseed under tactics and training. My comment is for bullseye shooting; however, the basics will remain the same: sight alignment and trigger release.

Semper Fi.

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