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Rounds per hour at the range?

I finally got my new Beretta 92A1 (my first handgun) to the nearby indoor range for an hour recently and had a great time!

I tried several types of ammo without any issues at all and fired around 175 rounds total. I probably could have done a bit more, but reloading the 3 17-round magazines that came with the gun takes me several minutes and I was changing targets after each magazine.

After the range session, I thought about how much money I'd spent on ammo and wondered if I could have improved more in terms of training by slowing down and being more careful with each shot. Right now I'm purely interested in the fundamentals of grip, stance, breathing, and trigger pull (both SA and DA). I'm not trying to improve any aspect of my speed until I start seeing much tighter groups.

My question is: How many rounds per hour do you fire at the range and why?

Any advice for a new shooter is appreciated.
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