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Amathis, “On the first round the primer looked a bit flattened and had worked out a bit” and then “primers do some strange things” When primers work out ‘a bit’ the reloader should look the other way as in the opposite of looking for pressure signs and start looking for the lack of pressure signs. I have not seen the cute little demonstration/illustration/cartoon that is believed to explain, to the reloader, everything they would ever need to know about the sequence of events after pulling the trigger, the firing pin jumps out, chases down the primer, after catching the primer (after the case shoulder hits the shoulder of the chamber etc., etc..) the firing pin strikes the primer and then things pick up, it is believed, anyhow in that sequence of events the case and primer are forward of the bolt face, by design the case head must finish against the bolt face, if the primer is ‘worked out a bit’ it can only be said the primer made it back to the bolt face but the case head did not.

When the primer backs out it looses the support of the primer pocket, then there is time, time is a factor.

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