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The guy went down after the first shot. After that if they could not contain him with the dog and tazers then they need further training. With the number of shots fired it looked like excessive force.
Did you see him hit pavement after the first round of shots? I did not.

And all that the suspect did in that time was walk out of the building, until being tazed.
So I am curious. At what point should an officer try and detain/ stop a criminal? If a Bank rubber walks out of a bank with an RPG, can we taze him? Or do we have to sit down and talk with him about it to ensure that he really means others harm? Ok how about a mac 10 in his hand now. is that two big of a downgrade from an RPG r does that now warrant a tazing? Howabout a samurai sword? At what point does the object in the fellas hand become dangerous enough that a cop should be allowed to engage him? Or do you feel they should let all of these fellas walk?
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