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You got 40.
And all that the suspect did in that time was walk out of the building, until being tazed.
Personally, if there is scope, and I believe there was, I think a person's life is worth more than 40 seconds of commands.

The suspect failed to comply, posed a danger, was not stopped by the tazer, then turned lethally hostile.
You've said it yourself. He turned lethally hostile after the taze. Not before. So he did not comply. Big deal. Not complying to "drop the bar", is not the same as threatening with the bar.

There was a risk of threatening behaviour, granted, but there was none directed at a particular officer, dog or member of the public, at the time of the tazer being deployed.

Trying to talk him down from 10 yards with sites on target would not have put the officers at greater risk than tazing him unsuccessfully at 2 yards.

Once more: Please tell me what actions by the suspect required a taze, at that time, as opposed to any other action possible.

Please tell me what prevented them from standing further back, easily out of range, just waiting to see what he might do.

On second thoughts don't bother: I've made this comment several times and no-one has addressed this point.

The queries were not sarcastic.
Queries or not, to me your tone and remarks in those sections were clearly sarcastic:

Gee, I don't know. ...
... No, the attempt to taze did not work....
You do realize that to get a dialog going, you have to have input and response from from both parties, right?...
Feel free to use this tone with others you disagree with, but I'd rather you didn't with me: it does not add weight to your arguement, and makes me less inclined to discuss issues with you. Mutual respect should be a given.
When the right to effective self-defence is denied, that right to self-defence which remains is essentially symbolic.
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