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Assuming the perps are strangers to you, and your family...

Remain vigilant until the police arrive. You dont know if they are really out of the fight until an EMT declare them dead. Or the police are on the scene, and take over. Also consider that they probably didnt walk to your home... There is probably at least one perp (driver, and possibly a lookout) still outstanding.

While your waiting for the police... DO NOT PUT YOUR GUN DOWN!!! I suggest maintaining it in your hand in your pocket. The police may come in silent. So consider this. When you do put the gun down do not hide it, and step away from it, remember to not put it in reach of any perp. If you hear sirens, and see flashing lights raise your empty hands above your head, and announce that your the home owner. Expect some rough treatment from the police, and even the possibility of being handcuffed. This would be normal. It dont mean that your a suspect, or in any kind of trouble. This is normal procedure to secure an ongoing scene.

As far as what to say to the police. Thats the $64,000.00 question. My opinion is that you must say something. Keep it minimal, and factual. absoloutly NO bravado, or clever comments. IME between 75% and 100% of a shooting investigation will be decided by forensics, and proximity. Self defense being an affermative defense the burden of proof is not on the state but on the actor... You. Absent politics the police will have little problem figuring it out, and reporting the truth to the states attorney.

Well then... there you have it...


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