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That is what I hear over the video: one garbled shout. Yes could have been more, hence the word "seem". However, as you point point three officers all shouting at once may not always be better
Turn up the volume on your computer and on the Youtube video controls. You will hear several shouts. Your contention that the officers only seem to have shouted commands once is wrong.

There are witness accounts that indicate the officers issued multiple commands.

I disagree. I counted 8 or so seconds. 8 seconds to attempt communication. That is all they decided to try. Before upping the stakes. And it was upping the stakes that elicitied a reaction from him.
Tazing is considered an appropriate response to use on a person that represents a danger to the public, officers, or himself, especially given that the suspect failed to comply with the officer's instructions.

The reaction of the suspect to the officers was illegal.

Once again, loving the sarcasm...
The queries were not sarcastic. Your post did not indicate you understood what you were saying. You said the officers needed to establish a dialog, but no dialog is established if the suspect doesn't reply.

What if he'd just said "Leave me alone!". Not beyond possibility is it? (Rhetorical question).
That would be refusal of the dialog you said the officers needed to establish.

Would that be reason enough to move to stun
Yep, already answered. The suspect was a danger. A response of "Leave me alone!" would be a verbal indicator of the intentions not to comply.

Your fixation on 8 seconds is interesting, but those are only the seconds that elapse after the suspect exits Carl's Jr. When the video starts, the door to the Carl's Jr. is being held open and officers are already yelling commands to the suspect inside. Then the suspect exits and your 8 seconds occur. However, the lapsed time is 40 seconds of commands, not 8 seconds. You wanted officers to try talking to him for at least 30 seconds? You got 40. The suspect failed to comply, posed a danger, was not stopped by the tazer, then turned lethally hostile.
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