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At 2.640" OAL, QuickLoad says the shank of the bullet is not even in the case. It says the shank is still .039" away from the case mouth.

So I have no clue what is going on here.

To have .100" of the shank seated into the case, it's showing a OAL of 2.502"

Unless Lapua changed the dimensions of the bullet?

At OAL of 2.502", with a 22" barrel, QL is predicting 47,874PSI with a MV of 2,509fps.

EDIT: Do you have any of the shank seated in the case or are you just seating the boat tail somehow?

EDIT2: Some people recommend seating at least a bullet diameter's worth of shank into the case, which would give you a maximum OAL of 2.338" which is still pretty long compared to factory ammo specs of 2.250" OAL.

EDIT3: Just noticed this.
Hornady once fired brass trimmed to 2.10, PPU once fired brass trimmed to 2.10
Case length for the 6.5Grendel is 1.525 max.

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