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Mleake, it was a typical two handed grip, hands closer together. Musashi himself used a Jo or Bokken instead of a real sword. I'd also like to believe Musashi wasn't afraid of anything, and most Jo schools started after his win over Muso Gonnosuke. As far as I know. That aside...

The key point is that the less than lethal option failed, just after the threat decided to attack the police. He knew they were armed, they had a dog, and had already shot the tazer.

So, when your initial LTL tool fails, is deadly force the next option or do you try LTL again? I'd like to think I'd go for LTL but it may not always be that easy.

Are the police justified in shooting him? Well, they could have let him walk off, he seemed like that's all he wanted until he turned around on them. His furtive movements warranted an immediate response and the pistol was the only right choice to preserve the Officers safety. Unless someone thinks the Officer should have let the dog get hurt, let the other officer take the hit, or sword fight the guy with his baton..? (I'd have rather seen that, but I'm off.)
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