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Just to give MLeake a recap since he is in the dark: 20 something male with a bandana over his face goes into a Carls Jr. with a pipe bender (3 foot metal shaft with a small metal head on the end) and breaks every single window in the joint. Patrons scattered. Police respond. Poor cell phone video is taken by some low lifes (they joke and laugh while the guy is shot and dies in front of them) from inside a vehicle, and it appears to be raining because the window is covered in water droplets, further degrading the video. Police approach restaurant, taking an angle that provides cover from any gun fire, but effectively keeps them in the blind about the subjects location. Subject exits building right on top of two officers, catching them a little off guard I think. Because the video is taken from inside a car, audio is muffled at best, so what and how many commands the police issue the subject can not be heard. Subject strolls casually into parking lot. Cop Tazers him directly in the face, which has zero effect (almost looks like it didn't work, he does not react at all). Subject pulls barbs from face then cocks his weapon back and moves quickly and aggresively towards officer who Tazed him (this officer has made an egregious error and is fumbling on his duty belt NOT looking at the subject for over two seconds, when he looks up and sees he is being rushed, he almost trips over backwards). K9 officer who is supporting the Taser cop quickly pumps 5 rounds into subject center mass from essentially point blank range. Subject staggers back but does not go to ground, he turns away from the officers and the same cop pops another 4-5 rounds into him and he goes down.

There you go, clear as mud!
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