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I still can't view the video... limited online access and bandwidth here.

However, in response to the hypothetical posed by Pond a little while back, about placement of hands on a 3ft bar...

1) It seems like those who can see the video now agree he has a baseball bat type grip, but -

2) In training with the Jo staff, which is approximately 3ft long, there are several techniques which start with a hand at either end of the staff. That position actually lets the wielder attack with either hand, by releasing or shifting the grip of the secondary hand. Musashi, of Japanese swordsmanship fame, feared jo practitioners more than swordsmen, because they could attack from either side, and required more of his attention.

3) Having not seen the video, I don't know why the police were interested in the suspect in the first place. If I had to guess, I'd think they were responding to reports of threatening behavior, and I would not think they'd be willing to just give the guy a long leash until he decided to calm down.
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