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Made my first ammo.

Today I went over to my friend's house and we actually put together some ammo. Like a boob I forgot to bring the shell holder that I used with the .30-06 and 7mm Mauser brass, so those were not going to happen. There were a bunch of wheel gun cases good to go so we set up for .38 Special. He has a Lee turret press and the dies were already set up in an extra turret.

The brass was a mix of R-P and Winchester nickel plated .38 Special cases that had been tumbled and were very clean. The bullets were Barry's 158 grain copper plated FP. Powder was 3.5 grains of WST, a load he's made before.

I can see why a progressive press can be a handful. I was concentrating on each step one at a time and I still found myself checking and double checking things just to be sure I was getting it right. He did the first couple to make sure everything was set up correctly and then I took over. All told we made 82 loaded rounds. Here is how it turned out:

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