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Why would the reloading manual suggest a max OAL of 1.2
That is what the publisher of the data tested the load at.

I understand that loading to an OAL shorter than suggested would raise the pressure and could be dangerous
The amount of pressure is based on the amount of powder and the space within the case it has to expand before the bullet starts to leave the case.

but how would loading to a longer OAL than suggested change things?
Bullets are slightly wider than the diamiter of the barrel. The cylinder or chamber of a firearm is also slightly wider than the barrel to hold the cartrage and bullet. If you jam the bullet into the "lines and groves" (rifling) of the barrel, it makes it harder for the bullet to leave the case and builds up more pressure for the powder to push the bullet out of the case.

Hope that helps

An OAL of 1.20 is pretty standard for a 230 grain 45 ACP bullet. But will depend on mfg and profile (shape) of the bullet.
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