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Calling Coyotes

Get an electronic caller, set the speaker up about 50 ft from your stand and up wind. Put a fluter lure ( a bird wind on flexible rod will do). Run your call for 3 or 4 minutes at a low volume, in case one is bedded down very close. If no action turn the volume up a bit, but don't try and blast them out of the woods. If no action after 5 minutes shut down the operation and take a 30 minute break (no smoking). Then try a pup distress call for about 5 minutes, if still no action move to new location at least 300 yards up wind.

The last time I called coyotes, one almost ran over me getting to that fluter lure with the call going. Scared H out of both of us, my brother laughed so hard the coyote got to live another day.
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