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The loading channel in the frame was easy to cut - just hold the grinding stone in the right spot and make sure the metal doesn't get too warm. By the way, this is for steel frames only the manufacturer stressed, no brassers.

The hard part was attaching the ring. Two holes had to be drilled and tapped in the frame for the two attaching screws and this process required a very long drill bit. The manufacturer recommended using a drill guide but I did not buy one. Wish now that I had because I used the gated ring itself as a guide and I had a little difficulty keeping it steady while I drilled. But it all worked out well. The ring and cylinder fit perfectly, timing was excellent, and no other gunsmithing was needed. The original Police cylinder was fluted and I do miss that fluting, but overall I'm happy with the result. That's it in a nutshell, hope my description of the process was coherent.

I have since discovered that Hollow Base cartridges are recommended over regular ammo - not that common, but those can be purchased through Cabela's or Midway.
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