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Another problem with drugs..

My oldest daughter has ADHD. She was taking Stratera and then a combination of Stratera and Ritalin, and then her doctor recomended adding Prozac. I was shocked I said "Prozac is for depression!" Her doctor said it wasn't just to treat depression and that it would probably help her in school.

She's now on Stratera, Adderal and Prozac and she's doing fairly well in school - she is 11, in advanced math and took the ACT last month and got a remarkable score on it.

She's also learning to shoot.

I hope someday that she enjoys shooting as much as I do, I do worry that if they instituted questions on a FOID or CWL "Have you ever taken or been prescribed any of the following drugs: ___________ " I'm sure Prozac would be at the top of the list, and I'd hate for her to be denied the right to buy firearms because she once took a small dose of Prozac for ADHD.
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