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I will agree that situational awareness and avoiding condition White are of utmost importance wile OC. I live in an open carry state, and persevere to open carry as opposed to going down getting my permit, which I'm sure they would give me. A stubborn American thing. I have lived here since '89 and nary a weapons charge ever for me.

You better not be in condition White while carrying a weapon in any mode. Open carry is precarious and has risks. You must pay attention to whats going on around you. The new laws include brandishing and you can't scare grandma or your life is over with Legal troubles now. This may be a bigger risk (statistically) than being attacked violently. All the have to say it was a black gun, and if yours is dark, guess who's going to jail?

So everyday open carry really means that very few ever get to see it. You never can tell who in a crowd may get terrified at the sight of a weapon being carried, so I have deduced that the prudent course of action is to not let the general populace see it at all, but I make sure that any Policeman that I encounter can easily see it if it looks like we are going to be talking. So far, so good. I find that generally, the older officers are more reasonable calmer individuals, and the younger officers usually get hyped up at the sight of a weapon. I get really scared when younger officer pulls me over because when he feels tension at the sight of the weapon, he usually mods his behavior to the more authoritarianism mode which is...discouraging. I really respect the older officers who are more calm and better at reading people and see me and not just the gun.
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