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My first post on here after visiting to learn about black powder revolver shooting. Up until recently I have been very involved mostly in modern firearms shooting, collecting and instructing. A few months ago my father in law handed down to us a few firearms including a repro 1860 Army cap and ball black powder pistol. I have always loved the heft and lines of these guns and after doing some research I found out that this piece was a Belgium made Centaure Centennial pistol manufactured in 1966. Well after taking this gun out to the range and firing a black powder revolver for the first time, I am HOOKED. So much so that since then I have acquired two more C&B pistols; a Uberti 3rd model Dragoon and a Pietta 1860 Army.

I purchased the Dragoon new but the Pietta I purchased from a family friend for $150 and it also appears to be NIB and never fired. Based on my research on this site ( I have determined that the Dragoon was manufactured in 2008 because it is proof marked CC. The Pietta has a proof mark of CH and the chart that is listed does not go up that high but I am assuming it was made in 2011??? Anyway, on to the pics... Dragoon on top, Pietta then Centaure.
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