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Originally Posted by Tirod
No clue what it's really about.
You're going to have a very hard time coherently explaining that to YoungSon, late of the 3/75th Rangers, two tours in Iraq, two in Afghanistan, and now going back for a fifth all-expense-paid trip to the sandbox.

We're all (well, some of us) are very familiar w/ mad-minute-fill-the air-with-smoking-lead theory. But the single shooter matters big time -- no less than the single shooter is the basic element of the larger fire team. Even more so because a basic tactic of the Taliban was--and is-- to engage us at 450 yards, knowing that we will have to move in to hit him in the immediate term --and catching us in an intervening trap set in defilade.

I say again: This was, and remains, a favorite tactic and is a specifically-learned response to the limitations of our current main battle rifle. Any lightweight thing we can do to improve standoff response for the individual dogface infantryman in that critical time before heavy weapons, artillery and/or air support can be brought to bear saves good lives and kills bad people.

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