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260 Rem, R17 powder, 100 and 120 gr Nosler loads

I'm ready to work up some R17 loads for the 260. The bullets I'll be using are Nosler Ballistic Tips in 100 gr and 120 gr. From now on I'll use which ever one turns in the best accuracy. None of my loading books even show Reloader 17, so I've been doing some googling. I have some info now, but would feel better if I had a little feedback from you guys on your best loads with that powder and what your info shows for maximum loads with those bullets. Thanks much, and the next coyote will die in your honor.

The rifle to be used is my Ruger 77 MkII Compact, with that stumpy 16 1/2 inch barrel. The light barrel heats up so fast that load development with this rifle is a slow process. And, just to say it, the Remington cases are weight sorted, fully prepped, and neck sized.
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