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Keep a log. Write down all your recipes, and make notes when you come home from the range. Any time I want to try a new load, I check to see if I have already tried it, and what I liked or didn't like about it. The comments section of my load data contains all the things I perceive about a given load.

How clean or dirty? How did it feel? Any signs of high pressure? How was the accuracy? What gun did I use? And on and on.....I try to do this as soon as I get home, or at least the next day while the range trip is still fresh in my mind.

I made my own data sheet in Excel, so I can print more whenever I want. I keep them in a binder on my supply shelf, tabbed for caliber. I have a plethora of powder measure micrometer data there as well. The point is, keep data. Don't try to remember everything, and your hobby will be more enjoyable.
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