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Actually I am a member of three clubs; Chabot, USI in Concord and the Richmond Rod and Gun. I believe the 200 yard range at each club is for members only.

Richmond is where I spend most of my time as we are putting together a revolver only interest group, the Richmond Hot Wheels, affiliated with ICORE. Richmond probably has some of the best action shooters in the area, including Rudi Waldinger, who placed third in the last International Revolver Championship. Their public range is not elaborate, but is adequate.

USI is where I learned IPSC style shooting and has nice action pistol and fairly nice sheltered civilian target ranges. No prone shooting except on the 200 yard multipurpose range. USI has great shotgun facilities.

As to attractive surrounding scenery and general facilities Chabot wins hands down. Chabot is primarily a civilian target range, has roughly 75 sheltered lanes split between 100, 50, 25, 20, 15 and 7 yards. Two additional sheltered ranges with approximately 35 lanes each are rented out to groups (PPC, IPSC, IDPA, Cowboy) and Law Enforcement. Shotgun facilites are limited.

The ranges can get very cold as it is sheltered from the sun in the winter by a beautiful eucalyptus forest.

Chabot allows all positions, at least on the rifle range. The pistol targets are probably mounted too high for sitting, kneeling and prone.

I have been to Livermore only once, but felt it had more to offer shotgunners than handgun and rifle. A bit exposed to elements on the side of a hill.

The San Leandro range is not my favorite. Would be the place to go if the others are closed. Not bad, but just not interesting.

There is an indoor range, Targetmasters, in Milpitas behind the police station. I used to go there for the great prices on ammo (PMC .357 mag for $11) and guns. Their management changed, they dropped their competition, the gun selection declined, prices went up a bit, I am not interested in the ammo they carry and reload my own. Still a good place for handguns in the rain.

I have not been to the Sunnyvale range, but our ICORE group may use it for some future matches.
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