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I've never attended a USPSA "beginner's" course, but I've shot USPSA matches.

Most similar matches don't have such courses, we just show up as "new guys" and get briefed on the rules and start shooting. Like most venues the older competitors welcome new shooters and are more then willing to get them started in the right direction.

However, if there is such a course (as you indicated there is in your club), as a new shooter I would jump on it.

I know in high power the CMP conducts Small Arms Firing Schools for new shooters. It is a great starting point. Actually a good refresher for old shooters also. It's a highly beneficial program, in fact the SAFS' were started by Teddy Roosevelt and now, are mandated by Congress. (Mandatory for the CMP to conduct, not mandatory for shooters).

I would like to see such a program for other venues in shooting sports, it would help new shooters get started right, if you get the right start, the more likely you will be successful, you'll come back, you'll bring your friends and the sport will grow.

New shooters are the future of our sport, providing safe knowledgeable training would go a long ways toward that means.

So yes I'd attend the course, and I'd encourage more clubs to conduct such courses.
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