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That's a phenomenal list. Been a while since I've read it.

As for "reading primers", we all do it, but it's important to understand what you are looking at and to be able to do it in context. It's information-- but it ain't much information, and the information that if offers is all relative.

What I mean is, if you are visually comparing your primer on a .357 Mag round, with a Winchester primer, a charge of 2400 and a 158 grain bullet and you are comparing THAT primer to some others that you loaded exactly the same but with one full grain less of a powder charge, then you are looking at some real information. Compare the 13.5 grain charged primers to the 14.5 grain charged primers and notice the difference.

If, however, you are looking at that .357 case and comparing it to what you see on your 9mm loads, you may as well skip the step entirely because they have nothing to do with each other.

Some guns, some loads, some particular brass... will make a primer look hotter or flatter or (whatever, insert a descriptor here) than others.

So certainly look at it, but compare like items before you make any wild assumptions with what you see.
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