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Got the parts for my P64 & did some grip mods (pics inside)

Finally got my parts from Poland that seemed to be worn out on my P64. Looks like the only thing I needed was a new hammer strut but it never hurts to have extra parts on hand.

After installing the parts I went ahead and did some grip mods to the stock grips. I took a piece of paper, laid it on top of each grip and shaded over it with a pencil. I then cut out the shaded grip drawings and taped them on the back of some grip tape, cut it out and affixed it to the panels.

I also put a piece of grip tape on the front strap and then cut down a Wilson Combat checkered strap made for 1911s to fit on the P64. I trimmed it down on the sides so it stuck inside the grip just enough to grab the frame. I'll be shooting it this weekend but so far, it feels a lot better then before.

I also have the 20lb recoil spring (I flattened the ends) and 19lb hammer spring installed. The double action is better but the single action is ridiculously light, but I like it.

Thought I'd add a pic of the Bianchi 100 PPK holster that fits the P64 like a glove.

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