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Thanks for all the opinions.

The discussion got heated when one buddy told her and her husband that she could use his 30-30 with 170 grainers, as long as she kept it within 100 yards.... which caused another guy to howl in protest, claiming that you needed at least a 200 grain bullet for elk, and 30-06 was the absolute minimum. I pointed out that 270 Win has had a good reputation as an elk gun, which caused further spitting and hair pulling. We ended up in two camps... My team, which thought that 7mm-08 and 270 win might be about the minimum, and the opposing team which maintained that 30-06 and 7mm-mag were the minimum, and 338 federal was preferable to either, and 338 win mag and 35 whelan were by far the preferred cartridge.

If they go elk hunting (and it is a big IF), it will be in the deep forests of Ontario north of Lake Superior. She is mid 50's excellent condition. She is a hunter and a shooter, but not really a "gun" person. And as Art pointed out, once it is sighted in, a successful hunt often involves just one shot.

Thanks again for confirming my thoughts.......... Jim
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