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CZ-82 is the direction we will probably go at this point. It's not because we can't afford anything better, (although realistically, we can't) but it's more of the fact of getting the biggest "bang" for your buck. Or in this case, your 200 bucks. Anyway, a few guns that have come up so far are a Polish P-64 (although, with the CZ-82 available, that becomes useless). We were also looking into getting a Nagant revolver.

Nothing else comes to mind immediately, but the Daewoo DP51 is an honorable mention, definitely above the Nagant or P-64. The thing is, there's just so many things you could get for the price. Actually, I was watching Nutnfancy's video on the Hi-Point and he was pretty realistic about it. He said it had a lot of cons, but if it's what you can afford, go for it. He mentioned a few used guns and the Daewoo, which he said was amazing. I've checked reviews, etc online and havent found someone with something bad to say about the Daewoo. Now I practically need one.

At this point though, realistically, I could just buy a CZ-82 and be happy.
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