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I'm NOT in the habit of spoon-feeding answers to people and this subject has been brought up several times recently on this forum.
No one asked you too.
Honestly, would you have had a clue what he was talking about if he had told you what grade steel?
Actually I would "have a clue" and, that really wasn't the point anyway. I find it hard to have much faith in a "barrel maker" who can't tell me what kind of steel the barrel is made of.
Everything you quoted after that didn't come from me. I really have nothing more to discuss on this subject. You have your "wisdom and experience" on the subject and I am some dummy who doesn't know how to read a ballistics chart or understand anything about barrel steel. Lets just leave it at that.

Topnbr, yes, I forgot that the Bison Armory barrels don't include the price of the bolt. It is an extra $60 I believe. I ordered them together so I was thinking it was included in that price.

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