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I have not shot very many Berrys, have shot 1000 of Rainiers, both 9mm, 115gn.
Can't say they were not good. However, I am about to finish my first 1000 Precision Delta 124gn FMJ and start on their 115gn FMJ. I like them as well or better.
Tried the PD because of the cost. This is from their web site a few minutes ago.

Berrys 115gn RN -- $82.78 per K, delivered.
Precision Delta 115 FMJ -- $76.00 per K, delivered

Berrys 124gn RN -- $86.51 per K, delivered
Precision Delta 124gn FMJ -- $84.50 per K, delivered.

Price should really not enter into it.

I shoot lead (MBC) in everything else and it is considerably cheaper than either the plated or the FMJ.
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