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I like your friends approach, except for the mixed brass part. Starting out, you should be using brand new brass that will fire formed to match your chamber.

Get a good supply of it and work up your loads. Keep a record of times fired, what loads and bullets, times trimmed, etc. Assign each batch (say 50 rds) it's own lot number.

There can be enough difference in brass thickness to equal 2 gr. of powder and effect vel/pressure. Using Winchester (thinner) and Remington (thicker) would produce that condition.

H4350 is a slower burning powder that's at it's best in the '06 with bullets from 165 gr. on up.

My Speer #14 Manual shows it to be efficient in the .270 with 130 gr. bullets--but not the most efficient. But quite suitable.

The type of bullet is more important than the powder you use (for accuracy), and the Nosler BT is an excellent choice, since it's normally very accurate. That wouldn't be my choice for a deer, load, however. BT's can be a destructive and typical 130 gr. bullets are destructive enough on deer sized critters because of their relatively high velocity. At least at closer ranges.

NOTE: Had a friend whose favorite load with 130 gr. bullet was just to scoop in H4831 until it was flush with the case mouth. You can't get too much of the stuff in the case to be unsafe. H4350 is a little faster burning.

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