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These are the best shooting earplugs I've ever had:

Radians Cease Fire

So far, these are the only ones I've seen like this; they suppress the high dB impulse noise from firing, and like advertised, hearing everything else doesn't seem to be effected as much as with the foamies. They're not real comfortable without a little trimming. I've never owned a pair of actives.

I didn't wear any this last season, but.. I'm only firing one round for the day too. My .308 was surprisingly quiet, so I don't worry about it. Marlin 60 is quite; .22 Mag Chuckster is a bit much, and the 625 revolver? Might as well gouge your ears with a pencil. .40 M&P is about the same. I wouldn't dare shoot my pistols without for sure!

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